Generator Rental

Euro Delta has improved the business sector of generators rental because of the continual and sometimes urgent need of customers to have disposal of  actual and guaranteed machineries. So the client has not the necessity to buy the generator and can have disposition of a high-quality product from 10 kV to 2000 kV of power, at any moment. Euro Delta has disposal of a large selection of generators in its fleet: on base, open, super quiet, soundproof, with automatic or manual control board generators, with auto-transfer switch and connecting cables included. gruppo elettrogeno insonorizzato montato su camion
The activity of rental counts several national and international customers, like Alcatel, Mediaset, H3G, Agip, Wind, and corporate bodies like provinces and regions.
Rented Generators can be used in many sectors: in the public field (hospitals, military utilization, schools), in local events (concerts, feasts, cultural events, fairs), in yards or buildings of new construction.
Euro Delta fulfils every request or need of electric power: in case of emergency, if the current is insufficient or out of use, in case of blackout to assure a constant current. We satisfy temporary requests, for example in case of lack of electric current. The large quantities of generators in our fleet of cars and the competence of our technical staff allow us to face every kind of emergency. Constant availability, versatility and the continuity of services are assured.
After the rental, every generator is tested by our maintenance staff, that provide to the servicing, to assure a faithful and high-quality product, a competitive service.
The client can send us the request, specifying the model of generator that he needs and the type of use, and we draw up an estimate made to measure. We satisfy also particular and specific necessities , trying to go towards customer’s demands.

gruppi elettrogeni euro delta