About us

Euro Delta is a leader business in generators rental and sale, sited in Fragagnano, in Taranto province. Euro Delta has become a leader business in South Italy, beginning from Puglia, and than in the national market, being able to fulfil also the request of great multinational companies, like Alcatel, Mediaset, H3G, Agip, Wind, etc.. The strength of our business is based on its work experience on the spot, at greatest multinational companies.  parco macchine euro delta
In the fleet car there is disposal of a large selection of generators, from 10 kV to 2000 kV of power, with assistance round the clock, thanks to the competence of our technical staff .
The customer covers a central rule for the success of Euro Delta business: is very important to know the real requests of the customer, putting his demands on the centre of our supplies, to satisfy all the necessities of his business and to assure the customers satisfaction.
Our engagement to better the organization standards has brought us to obtain the Quality system Certification (UNI EN ISO 9001), that assures the qualitative efficiency and proves a qualified recognition. Euro Delta aims at total affirmation of its business whether for local market, or national or foreign market. Our business has always searched for the highest productive standards, carrying out continue quality controls. This aim has been reached and maintained at highest levels through the supply of a product with high qualitative requirements that fulfils entirely the client’s needs. The research of a continue improvement whether in the products, or in our organizational structure, clearly indicates our constant attention to the market, to maintain good relations with our clients of local, national and foreign market, above all thanks to the competence of our technical staff.

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